Elsa Mora 9

Elsa Mora – The Magic Art of Papercutting

Elsa Mora or Elsita is a multimedia Artist  currently living in Los Angeles, California, with her husband Bill and their two children.

Growing up in poverty taught her the most valuable lessons, that will guide her throughout her entire life. She learned that the most precious possession that one has is ones mind and that “creativity and imagination could solve any problem, weather it’s a material problem or an emotional one.”

Her first job was as an Art Teacher for two years, a great experience, but she decided to focus more on her art, so she left the job. Working  part-time at an art gallery made her realize that she wants to become a full-time artist, and what a great artist she become!

Her creativity knows no boundaries, her creations ranging from drawings and papercuts, to jewelery and porcelains. Here we’ve selected some of her amazing papercuts, but check out her gallery for more of her fantastic works. Also you can visit her Etsy Shop where you’ll find incredibly crafty pieces of art.

(All images via Elsa Mora)

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