Emil Alzamora - Sculptor 13

Emil Alzamora – Surreal Sculptures

Emil Alzamora was born in 1975 in Lima, Peru and was raised in Boca Grande, Florida, where he attended state university and graduated with a BFA magna cum laude in 1998. He started his sculpting career in 1998 in collaboration with Polich Art Works in Hudson Valley. Since his departure in early 2001 he has worked full-time on his sculptures and exhibited regularly across the United States.

Working without models or photographs, Alzamora’s  original works of art reveals  stretched and contorted sculptures of the human body  made of bronze, gypsum, and ceramic, often exaggerated in order to “reveal  an emotional or physical situation, or to tell a story.”

“The human form is a constant within my work. I often exaggerate or distort it to reveal an emotional or physical situation, or to tell a story”, writes the artist. “Limitation and potential are as human as the flesh. I strive to make this comparison visible.”

For more information about Emil Alzamora and his amazing works, visit his website.

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