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Greg Brotherton – Brotron

Born in Ames, Iowa, in 1968, Greg Brotherton  spent the majority of his youth in Utah and Colorado. He began showing interest in the mechanical at the age of five, when he began disassembling anything with screws in it. He’s a graduate of the Colorado Academy of Art, where he began his undergraduate studies at sixteen.

Greg Brotherton 1 498x498 Greg Brotherton   Brotron

Greg Brotherton 7 Greg Brotherton   Brotron

“With a consuming drive to build things that often escalate in complexity as they take shape, Greg’s work is compulsive. Working with hammer-formed steel and re-purposed objects, his themes tend to be mythological in nature, revealed through a dystopian view of pop culture.”

Greg Brotherton 12 Greg Brotherton   Brotron Greg Brotherton 5 498x407 Greg Brotherton   Brotron

Greg’s work has received international recognition, has been exhibited throughout the United States and is collected worldwide. In 2007, he was invited to serve as the featured artist at the Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED)Conference in Monterey, California, joining the ranks of some of the most prestigious artists, luminaries, and scientists of our time. He currently resides in San Diego, California, where he continues to sculpt and experiment.

Greg Brotherton 4 Greg Brotherton   Brotron Greg Brotherton 2 498x498 Greg Brotherton   Brotron

“Inspired by human curiosity and the wonderful mechanisms curiosity drives, the forms I present emerge from a disordered mechanical history, often revealed through a dystopian lens.”

Greg Brotherton 6 498x408 Greg Brotherton   Brotron Greg Brotherton 17 498x498 Greg Brotherton   Brotron Greg Brotherton 20 498x498 Greg Brotherton   Brotron Greg Brotherton 18 Greg Brotherton   Brotron

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