Kate Macdowell - Porcelain Art 8

Kate Macdowell – Porcelain Art

Artist Kate MacDowell uses porcelain sculptures to explore our relationship with nature and the result is both beautiful and haunting. MacDowell’s work covers topics ranging from humanity’s impact on endangered species to information overload, and detachment from nature in modern society. Each piece conveys a strong message about mankind’s relationship with nature, and her work is sure to get you thinking differently about the world around you.

Kate lived and worked in many different environments and cultures that have influenced the way she perceives the world and  her art. These experiences have ranged from teaching in urban high schools and producing websites in the high-tech corporate environment, to volunteering at a meditation retreat center in rural India a few hours outside of the fever pitch of Bombay. She has collected visual imagery and ideas from her travels through Renaissance Italy, Classical and Minoan Greece, Nepal and Thailand.


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