Meredith Dittmar 8

Meredith Dittmar – Creative Sculptures

Meredith Dittmar is a Portland based artist, born near Boston Mass. Her art is an incredible mix of humans, animals, plants that deconstruct the human experience in a colorful bass relief, expressing deep levels  of union across themes of biology, technology, and consciousness.

Besides a large variety of clays, Dittmar works with wire, plexiglass, spray paint and resins, using fiberglass for larger pieces. Her characters are depicted in quiet, inner-self moments, in a 3D scene  of strange animals and otherworldly landscapes. The inner space that her characters reveal in these incredible sculptures, Dittmar believes it to be the “space we recognize in ourselves, and through convening in that space, the interconnectedness of all things is revealed”. She sees the act of spontaneous artistic creation as part of a larger practice of being present, and a way to better understand herself and reality.

(All images via Meredith Dittmar)

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