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Stacey Lee Webber – Coin Sculptures

Stacey Lee Webber is a Philadelphia based artist who uses her crafting genius to create the most amazing objects, from lighters to jewelry, out of coins.

” Webber’s sculptures embody a refined aesthetic and challenge the conventional possibilities of everyday materials.  Through her investigations, Webber’ celebrates working class families which make up the heart of American culture.” (via Stacey Lee Webber)




(All images via Stacey Lee Webber)

3 Responses to “Stacey Lee Webber – Coin Sculptures”

  1. Ela

    It is legal to “mess” with money—weld it, cut it—as long as there’s no “fraudulent intent.”

  2. Jacqui

    Nothing in the law forbids anyone from destroying coins, in spite of a belief to the contrary. Defacing or mutilating a coin and then passing it as currency is another matter. The intent to commit fraud is what is being penalized in this case. As far as paper money is concerned, leaving money in your pants pockets to be drenched in a washing machine won’t harm your bills. That’s because they are made out of linen and cotton fibers, which aren’t affected by water. On this note, here’s an interesting but unverified observation from an online forum:It’s illegal to modify money in a fraudulent way (i.e. make a defective mint Penny and sell it for a thousand dollars), but it is perfectly legal to retrieve the base metals from money, just as it is legal to possess shredded paper money (and use it for stuffing pillows, toys, etc).


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