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Mattia Tortta Wired 3

Mattia Trotta – Wired

Mattia Trotta is an Italian sculptor, born in Savona in 1980. He directed all his mechanical engineering knowledge towards art, using a material he is pretty familiar with: iron. His creations consist in steel wires wrapped around an iron frame. No welding is necessary, everything gets done by hand and the result is just amazing.
Sayaka Ganz - Whirl13s

Sayaka Ganz

My working process is reminiscent of my experiences growing up in several different countries, of being disconnected from the place I was born. Then, I began searching for a new community where I truly belong. I find discarded objects from peoples’ houses and

Art Installations By Jacob Dahlgren

Since Warhol immortalised the packaging of everyday life, from Brillo boxes to Campbell's cans, new products cannot be launched without an intimate consideration of the means by which they are presented.
5000 Naked Sidney Opera House

Five-thousand naked on the steps of the Sidney Opera House

The artist Spencer Tunick put out the call - and Sydney answered. More than 5000 volunteers began arriving from 4am, queueing from the Opera House forecourt round to the Museum of Contemporary Art to be part of the American's nude art installation; a crowd so big