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Julie de Waroquier (4)

Oneiric Photographs By Julie de Waroquier

Julie de Waroquier is a self-taught French photographer who started photography in 2008. Her works are very subtle, undefined, almost invisible, like a magical world that only Julie can reveal for us. With slight modifications of light and color, her photographs
tim flach 3

Tim Flach – More Than Human

With his new series entitled "More Than Human", London-based photographer and wildlife enthusiast, Tim Flach, gives a more human meaning to the word "wild". He captures the animals in a very unique way, giving them a very human like expression. Enjoy this
Marie-Wengler-(12) small

Marie Wengler – Creative Digital Photography

Marie Wengler is a talented young digital artist and photographer, whose unmistakable approach to photography results in expressive portraits, depicting the modern individual and its existence in society today, "where technological change is increasingly affecting
elena karneeva 10

Elena Karneeva – Adorable Child Photography

Working with animals and kids is never easy, but the satisfaction it brings, beats all that! Moscow-based children’s photographer Elena Karneeva sees that special something in each child and captures each magic moment in your baby's life. It's all about learning
elena kalis 6

Elena Kalis – Amazing Underwater Photography

Bahamas based photographer, Elena Kalis, captures a whole new aquatic world in her works. These underwater shots are truly amazing, from the colors and models, to the rippling waters and their surreal glow. Take a look!
jill sutherland 4

Jill Sutherland – Beautiful Female Photography

Los Angeles-based photographer Jill Sutherland has a knack for capturing beauty. This Long Beach-born, New Mexico-grown nine years-and-counting resident of Southern California discovered her passion for female portraits on a meandering afternoon of shooting the
Stanislav Aristov 3

Stanislav Aristov – Matchstick Art

Art resides in everything, even at the tip of a burning matchstick. Russian photographer Stanislav Aristov captures the artistic potential of the matchstick and with a little help from Photoshop, the result is truly unique. Check out this gallery!
Crafty umbrellas

Andrey Pavlov – Ant Tales

Russian photographer Andrey Pavlov invites you to the whimsical world of ants. They are absolutely real, and the photographer captures them in spontaneous moments or following his instructions. The props used in the pictures are crafted by Andrey himself, from raw