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vanessa lewis 1

Vanessa Lewis – “Nina Say Cheese” Child Portraits

Nina Say Cheese is a collection of very creative child portraits by artist Vanessa Lewis, that captures the most spontaneous moments in a child's life, showing their delightful character. The portraits are taken against beautiful bespoke sets and the kids wear cute costumes that match the theme of the world that they will be captured in.
Matthew Rainwaters 1

Matthew Rainwaters – Artistic Beards

Matthew Rainwaters was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, which is the part of Los Angeles nobody likes to talk about. He did a lot of skateboarding when he was younger, broke a lot of bones, and spent hours filming his friends. Making skate videos
Tom Hoops - Portraits from the Dark Side 23

Tom Hoops – Portraits from the Dark Side

Born in England in the early 70's, Tom Hoops is a self-taught freelance photographer, who splits his time between Europe, Asia and America. He stands out among other artists with his extraordinary subjects, abusing the black and white to create a truly unique style
Eric Isselée - Life on White 1

Eric Isselée – Life on White

Eric Isselée is a Belgian photographer who expresses his passion for travelling and nature through his photgraphic works. Visiting Africa and seeing the beautiful endangered species lead to the creation of Life on White in 2005.Right now Eric’s project contains
Brooke Shaden - Conceptual Photography 16

Brooke Shaden – Conceptual Photography

The work of American fine art photographer Brooke Shaden is a way to create new worlds where the impossible becomes possible, where women are floatin and the fairy tales, transparent cloths, dreams, textures, all freeze a moment that never seems to end. She
Blue A - Contingency

Albulena Panduri – Surreal Digital Art

Albulena Panduri (aka Blue-A) is the creator of an unbelievable world, surreal and full of color. Her photos enhance the environment that surrounds the main character, emphasizing how small and insignificant this is in this world it lives in. The artist thinks that
tracy raver - sleeping babies 15

Tracy Raver – Sweet sleeping babies

Tracy Raver is an American photographer specialized in photographing babies at about 2 weeks of age. To get the infants in this half-asleep condition, the photographer makes the studio warm and cozy and moms feed the babies right before shooting. And they sleep
Lee Jeffries 6

Lee Jeffries – Pure and realistic photography

British photograph Lee Jeffries began his career as a sports photograph, but shortly after he quit. A random meeting with a homeless girl in London made him realize his true calling for artistic photography. This experience changed his perception on this category