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bash evans 14

Bash Evans – New Stories Of Old Ink

Evan Bash is a 21 year old artist, musician and wellness practitioner from the United States. He is also vision impaired, "a self taught legally blind by medical standards lover of all forms of art."
Nataly Abramovich 11

Nataly Abramovich – Illustrations from Kukula Land

Nataly Abramovich, aka Kukula, was born in an isolated village near Tel Aviv. She grew up with Holocaust survivors, which is why her childhood imagination was a mix of fantasy worlds with princesses and horror stories of World War II.
Yuki Matsueda 15

Yuki Matsueda – Extruded Art

Yuki Matsueda is a Japanese designer, graduate of the Tokyo University of Arts with a Ph.D. in Design. His works are definitely unique, unlike any other, with 3D elements extruding from the art piece. Enjoy!
deltatemple-Daniel Donciu - Concept Art

Daniel Dociu – Concept Art

Daniel Dociu is an concept artist and video game chief art director for NCsoft North America, also working for its subsidiary ArenaNet.