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"Autumn Pond"  - Recycled paper packaging mosaic

Michael Sweere – Mosaic Art

Michael Sweere is a talented artist from Minneapolis, whose work consists in fine art mosaics, created with recycled materials like paper packaging items, tins, cans, glasses, coffee cups, dishes, plates, or any other type of material that can be cut into pieces and reassembled into these amazing works of art.
Ray Villafane 16

Ray Villafane – Carved Pumpkins

Since Halloween is just around the corner, we thought it's only appropriate to give you some ideas about how your pumpkins should look like. And no example is more perfect than the crafty and artistic pumpkins, created by American sculptor Ray Villafane.
Michael Shapcott - Zoe

Michael Shapcott – Emotional Portraits

Michael Shapcott (born June 6, 1982 in Hartford, Connecticut) is a Central Connecticut-based painter, known for his daring color palette and emotionally charged portraits. His work deals with highly detailed graphite underdrawings which he then paints with colorful
yulia brodskaya quilling 21

Yulia Brodskaya – The Art of Quilling

Yulia Brodskaya was born in Moscow, Russia. Before moving to the UK in 2004 she was interested in diverse creative practices ranging from Textile Painting, Origami and Collage to more traditional Fine Art practices.
Leonid Afremov - Paintings 4

Leonid Afremov – Amazing Paintings

Leonid Afremov is a Belarusian painter who was born in Vitebsk, in 1955. He was born in the same town as Marc Chagall, the famous artist who also founded the Vitebsk Art School along with Malevich & Kandinsky. Leonid Afremov graduated from Vitebsk Art School in