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Gorgeous Underwater Installation Of Dancing Flowers By Anne Ten Donkelaar

Dutch artist Anne Ten Donkelaar is famous for her beautiful botanical constructions (previous here), but the latest one has us all gasping in amazement. It's called the "Underwater Ballet" and it's a spectacle of flowers and air bubbles, dancing to a choreography only the purest of souls could have created. A ballet that needs no music. Enjoy!
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Delicate Floral Collages By Anastasia Kovaleva

Nature is an endless source of inspiration for any artist, and in any form of art. Belarusian artist Anastasia Kovaleva uses found organic material to create her imaginative and intricate collages.   From dreamy landscapes, to cards and decorative objects,
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Delicate Flower Constructions By Anne Ten Donkelaar

Inspired by everyday finds, Dutch artist Anne Ten Donkelaar reinvents small, common objects, giving them a new life and meaning, telling a story about their past existence, and creating a newer and better one, altogether. At the base of her art, we find damaged
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Beautiful Flower Photographs By Valentina

Delicate, yet so remarkably strong. This is how Italian photographer Valentina sees these beautiful flowers. Her series of macro-photography brings out the complexity of a simple flower, evoking its natural curves and bold colors in contrast with a pure black background.