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Amazing Hyper-Realistic Portraits By Irakli Nadar

We have seen our share of hyper-realistic works around here, but nothing quite like these. They are the work of Georgian artist Irakli Nadar, and are in fact digital paintings. Yepp, no need to go around buying fancy brushes and paints, all you need you have it already in your hand. There might just be...
Rubén Belloso (8)

Stunning Portrait Paintings By Rubén Belloso

These hyper-realistic paintings are the works of Rome based Spanish artist Rubén Belloso. His paintings represent both real and fictional characters and they are so detailed and expressive that one might think they are photographs.
Paul Cadden 11

Paul Cadden – Hyper-realist Graphite And Chalk Drawings

Paul Cadden is a Scottish hyper-realist artist who creates incredibly realistic artworks using only graphite and chalk. His drawings and paintings are made based upon series of photographs or video stills, but the subject depicted is much more complex, creating