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I want to get close to you

The Art Of Kaye Blegvad

Kaye Blegvad is an illustrator, designer, and “general maker-of-things”, as she says about herself, in the third person. Her illustrations depict mostly women, in various situations, in a blunt, sometimes brutal matter. But her works have a certain (dark) humor, that goes wonderfully with her drawing style, making the entire experience very pleasant, comfortable, and...
Barbie jewelry collection 1

Margaux Lange – Plastic Body Jewelry Collection

The Barbie doll is back in fashion. Or maybe just parts of her. Wanting to re-purpose mass produced materials into handmade, wearable art, designer Margaux Lange created the Plastic Body Series art jewelry collection, using salvaged Barbie doll parts in

Mediterranean Eden – Bulgari, Fall Winter 2011-2012

Youthful, trendy, sensual and classic, these are the undeniable attributes of the new Bulgari collection, Mediterranean Eden. With classic elements of the brand like lions, rocks, coins, flowers, snakes and a pallet of rich, trendy colors like green, red, blue,
Frank Gehry - Jewelery Design for Tiffany&Co 15

Frank Gehry – Jewelery Design for Tiffany&Co

After redefining the skylines with his organic shaped buildings, renowned architect Frank Gehry took on a new challange and reduced the scale of his designs to fit the human proportions and cretead an exclusive line of jewelry designed for the famous American