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And A And Be And Not, A Colored Glass Paravane By Camilla Richter

With her work "And A And Be And Not", German designer Camilla Richter renders the visual poetry of the passing of time. Life is in a continuous movement and the passing of time in nature is expressed by the direction of light. All these features are found in this paravane that Camilla designed, that reflects a different color depending on the incident light. Take a look!
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Stunning Floating Lamps Collection

Mix-matching classic style with cutting edge technology, this amazing collection of hovering lamps steps out of the sci-fi world, right into your living room, jazzing up the space and creating a timeless visual conversation piece.
St Francesc Convent 1

David Closes – Renovation Of The Saint Francesc Convent

Using modern materials and solutions, Catalan architect David Closes restored the beautiful convent of Saint Francesc, located in the Catalan town of Santpedor. Originally built between 1721 and 1729 by Franciscan priests, the church was neglected for centuries,
tjep - ROC Economy

Frank Tjepkema – Mind Blowing Furniture And Interior Design

Frank Tjepkema is the mastermind behind the Tjep. brand, a studio of incredibly creative designers that bring a little bit of Amsterdam into the world of product design. From accessories, to furniture and installations, the team breaks the conventional, reflecting
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McBride Charles Ryan – Letterbox House

Completed in 2009, this 3,121 square foot contemporary home, designed by Australian studio McBride Charles Ryan feels like a half space, half enclosed, half open. Neither in nor out – a new version of the good old Aussie veranda.
Claire-Anne O'Brien - Knited Furniture 1

Claire-Anne O’Brien – Knited Furniture

One may never know what to expect when combining furniture, clothing and knitwear.Lead by her fascination with fabric, Claire-Anne O'Brien tried it out and the result is just adorable, fun and definately comfy.