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Lorenzo Duran -Leaf Art 1

Lorenzo Duran – Leaf Art

Inspired by kirigami, the japanese art of cutting and folding paper, Lorenzo Duran uses leaves for his cutaway art. After chosing the right ones, he washes and dries the leaves and carefully cuts away segments with a scalpel, resulting these stunning geometrical shapes and nature inspired scenery.
Lee Tao - Seedling 2

Lee Tao – Seedling

With this very cute animated film called Seedling, the creative Tao Lee manages to create an universe and a poem about the cycle of nature. The main character is a little person born of a flower.
Dancing water pavilion 10

SUS&HI: Dancing Water Pavilion

The project called Dancing Water Pavilion designed by SUS&HI office had won the bronze prize at the Seoul Design Olympiad for its innovative and futuristic geometry and interaction with panorama of Seoul.
Mikko Lagerstedt - broken Photography

Mikko Lagerstedt: Beautiful Photography

We've gather a small collection of works by the talented graphic designer and photographer from Finland, Mikko Lagerstedt. He tackles landscapes, macros, conceptual photography, all with a twist, a certain special point of view that is unique to this artist.