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Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg - Cinemagraph 2

Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg – Amazing Cinemagraphs

“More than a photo, but not quite a video!”. These are the art works of New-York based artists duo: fashion photographer Jamie Beck and visual designer Kevin Burg. They created amazing series of animated GIFs called “cinemagraphs”. People on these
Axis Mundi - Cathedral Fold 2

Axis Mundi – Cathedral Fold

"Cathedral Fold", located in Strasbourg, France, is a place of worship designed by the New - York based architecture office Axis Mundi .
Frank Gehry Tower 1

Frank Gehry – Beekman Tower / New York

Frank Gehry's residential building is now complete. Located in Manhattan, the unit entitled 'New York by Gehry' (formally known as 'Beekman Tower'), is the tallest residential tower in the western hemisphere.
Adam Smithmada oboy

Adam Smithmada – Painter

We work in the dark – we do what we can – we give what we have. Our doubt is our passion and our passion is our task. The rest is the madness of art. - Henry James
Joshua Pestka 15

Joshua Pestka – Fashion Photography

New York City based fashion photographer Joshua Pestka has been in the business for about 6 years, but has only now begun to promote himself and his work.

Ryan Mrozowski

Ryan Mrozowski gathers seemingly unrelated imagery to propose all kinds of strange scenarios. In his paintings we see that mysterious events are happening, that something is happening, but we don’t quite know what and we cannot / have no means to explain it.

Mark Williams and Sara Hirakawa – Photography

Mark Williams and Sara Hirakawa - husband and wife, who grew up and met each other in New York. Currently living and working in Los Angeles. Involved in photography for over 10 years. Cooperate with Dazed & Confused, GQ, Marie Claire, Maxim, Nike, etc.

Michael Klein

Michael Klein is a talented painter with a unique sensitivity towards nature, which he acquired at a young age. Growing up in the Midwest Michael placed the highest importance on staying truthful to what he was experiencing in life through his paintings.