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helen musselwhite 12

Intricate 3D Paper Cutouts By Helen Musselwhite

Paper has always been the preferred medium for Manchester based artist Helen Musselwhite. Her creative journey as an artist started from an early age, leading her to study graphic design and illustration. She ventured in the world of decorative furniture, jewellery and painting, but her one true love remained paper. And these beautiful cutouts stand the proof.
yulia brodskaya portraits 2

Beautiful Quilling Portraits By Yulia Brodskaya

Yulia Brodskaya's works (previously here) are well known all around the world, being famous for their delicate intricacy, and also for the renowned brands that have chosen her technique to promote themselves. If you think things couldn't get more complicated, take
kuesta 3

The Art Of Jakuesta Kuesta

Jakuesta Kuesta is a Spanish artist currently residing between Santiago de Compostela and the island of Ibiza. The geometric, almost architectural shapes we find in his paintings, matched by vivid and contrasting colors, are inspired by the north of Spain and the
zim&zou 1

Zim & Zou – Creative Paper Art

Zim & Zou is a French graphic design studio located in Nancy. Founded by Lucie Thibault and Thomas Zimmermann, the studio explores a contemporary design, experimenting with different fields including paper sculpture, installation, graphic design, illustration.
Anastassia Elias - Toilet Paper Roll Art 18

Anastassia Elias – Toilet Paper Roll Art

Anastassia Elias is a Paris based painter and illustrator, but also a sculptor that carves tiny scenes out of the inside of each brown paper roll, leaving the outside intact.
Julene Harrison - Paper Cutting 1

Julene Harrison – Paper Cutting

Julene Harrison has worked for a long time in textile design, until she found out she is a real talent in the art of cutting. With her compositions of paper, one more beautiful than the other, she manages to create a fresh and unique universe. Enjoy this
Peter Callesen - Paper Art 16

Peter Callesen – Amazing Paper Art

Peter Callesen is a danish designer, mostly known for his incredible paper sculptures. Each sculpture is created out of a single ordinary piece of paper. All he needs for his creations is a sheet of paper, glue, and a lot of imagination.
Calvin Nicholls - Paper Sculptures 5

Calvin Nicholls – Paper Sculptures

Calvin Nicholls is a canadian artist that creates these amazing sculptures using sheets of paper. He's been creating these paper sculptures since 1986 from his studio north of Toronto Ontario, Canada. He uses sheets of paper and a scalpel andcuts the component