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Erik Johansson - Photomanipulations 16

Erik Johannson – Photomanipulations

Erik Johansson is a 24-year old computer engineering student from Sweden who is warping reality and distorting images in such a realistic way that you almost start beliving they are real.
Blue A - Contingency

Albulena Panduri – Surreal Digital Art

Albulena Panduri (aka Blue-A) is the creator of an unbelievable world, surreal and full of color. Her photos enhance the environment that surrounds the main character, emphasizing how small and insignificant this is in this world it lives in. The artist thinks that
martin grohs 1

Martin Grohs – Photomanipulated artworks

Martin Grohs is a digital creative designer from Leipzig, Germany, an amazing young talent who has been studying designing and is currently creating awesome digital art. He's been working with Photoshop for 4 years now and his works have been publicated in
Jamie Baldridge - Surreal Works 2

Jamie Baldridge – Surreal Works

Jamie Baldridge was born in 1975 in southern US. His childhood was a boring one, as the artist itself declares. He studyied Theology and Creative Writing at Louisiana State University, but somehow he got his BFA in Photography. His works envision dark an gloomy

Mehmet Ozgur – Surreal Smoke Shots

Born in Europe, Mehmet Ozgur studied in Asia and currently resides in North America. He isn’t a photographer by trade. An engineer by trade, his fascination with nature both technically and aesthetically drew him to his passion. It is this passion that has
Nik Ainley - Shinybinary 1

Nik Ainley – Shinybinary

Nik Ainley is a self-taught british illustrator who learned how to use Photoshop while studying physics at Imperial College in London. He was so wild about the digitalization of art that he abandoned the "exact science" and dedicated himself to design. In 2004 he