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Senka Music 008

Beautiful Photographs By Senka Mušić

Senka Mušić is a young graphic design and photography student at The Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Photography has always been her passion, but she began a more professional approach 3 years ago, and even won the title of the best
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Irina Werning – Back To The Future

Irina Werning is a Argentinian photographer who loves living in the past. And, no, she didn't invent the time machine, but she came up with the next best thing: taking old photos of people and reenacting them today.
Tom Hoops - Portraits from the Dark Side 23

Tom Hoops – Portraits from the Dark Side

Born in England in the early 70's, Tom Hoops is a self-taught freelance photographer, who splits his time between Europe, Asia and America. He stands out among other artists with his extraordinary subjects, abusing the black and white to create a truly unique style