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Zac Freeman - Junk Portraits 1

Zac Freeman – Junk Portraits

Zac Freeman started making assemblage artworks of this type in 1999 and he began collecting junk often found around the trash. He then glued all these pieces to a wooden substrate to form these awesome portraits. His artworks are assembled on a large-scale and when viewed up close looks like a series of small objects stuck meaningless, but when seen from far away these impressive portraits take shape.
Brooke Shaden - Conceptual Photography 16

Brooke Shaden – Conceptual Photography

The work of American fine art photographer Brooke Shaden is a way to create new worlds where the impossible becomes possible, where women are floatin and the fairy tales, transparent cloths, dreams, textures, all freeze a moment that never seems to end. She
Dan Mountford - Double exposure portraits 1

Dan Mountford – Double Exposure Portraits

With his series "The World Inside of Us", young british designer and student Dan Mountford from Brighton, shows us the extent of his talent around the idea of a double exposure. Enjoy this play of faces and forms!
Michael Shapcott - Zoe

Michael Shapcott – Emotional Portraits

Michael Shapcott (born June 6, 1982 in Hartford, Connecticut) is a Central Connecticut-based painter, known for his daring color palette and emotionally charged portraits. His work deals with highly detailed graphite underdrawings which he then paints with colorful