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LAR   Fernando Romero - Soumaya Museum 2

LAR + Fernando Romero – Soumaya Museum

Built in order to host a collection of over 6200 objects of art - one of the most important in Latin America - Soumaya Museum is in itself a striking presence. Architect Fernando Romero, who did his apprenticeship at OMA, under Rem Koolhaas's guidance, chose to distance himself from the "naturalized" image of the museum-box, suggesting a unique structure, non-Euclidean, which seems to be governed by its own rules.
OMA Stadskantoor Building Rotterdam 8

OMA wins the competition for the Stadskantoor Building, Rotterdam

The strategy of the project is very simple: a modular flexible structure spans between existing buildings, supporting the mixed use program, while freeing the space below for public use. The axonometric shown below shows this rich public realm that the offers back