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Ron Mueck - Hyper-realistic Human Sculptures 3

Ron Mueck – Hyper-realistic Human Sculptures

Ron Mueck is an Australian hyper-realist sculptor working in the UK. His incredible sculptures of creepy, grotesque, mottled skin and uncannily gigantic proportional figures have adorned astonished the entire world.
Kris Kuksi - The Art of The Macabre

Kris Kuksi – The Art of The Macabre

Originally from the United States, Kris Kuksi has spent most of his childhood in the countryside with his mother and two siblings, that were much older than him. His father abandoned him and his stepfather hadn't given him much attention or an education. More than
Lorenzo Duran -Leaf Art 1

Lorenzo Duran – Leaf Art

Inspired by kirigami, the japanese art of cutting and folding paper, Lorenzo Duran uses leaves for his cutaway art. After chosing the right ones, he washes and dries the leaves and carefully cuts away segments with a scalpel, resulting these stunning geometrical
Calvin Nicholls - Paper Sculptures 5

Calvin Nicholls – Paper Sculptures

Calvin Nicholls is a canadian artist that creates these amazing sculptures using sheets of paper. He's been creating these paper sculptures since 1986 from his studio north of Toronto Ontario, Canada. He uses sheets of paper and a scalpel andcuts the component
Kate Macdowell - Porcelain Art 8

Kate Macdowell – Porcelain Art

Artist Kate MacDowell uses porcelain sculptures to explore our relationship with nature and the result is both beautiful and haunting. MacDowell’s work covers topics ranging from humanity’s impact on endangered species to information overload, and detachment
Mattia Tortta Wired 3

Mattia Trotta – Wired

Mattia Trotta is an Italian sculptor, born in Savona in 1980. He directed all his mechanical engineering knowledge towards art, using a material he is pretty familiar with: iron. His creations consist in steel wires wrapped around an iron frame. No welding is