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Coathanger Sculptures By David Mach

Scottish artist David Mach transforms simple everyday items, like wire coat hangers, into amazing works of art. His large scale sculptures series includes a collection of animals like gorillas, bears, tigers, human sculptures, and a Mickey Mouse head.

Derek Kinzett – Wire Sculptures

These stunning sculptures are the work of British sculptor Derek Kinzett , whose works have gained recognition for their intricacy and spirituality, receiving commissions from clients such as Tim Green of the Tate Gallery, Lord Ethan Stewart and the Actor Nicolas Cage.
Meredith Dittmar 8

Meredith Dittmar – Creative Sculptures

Meredith Dittmar is a Portland based artist, born near Boston Mass. Her art is an incredible mix of humans, animals, plants that deconstruct the human experience in a colorful bass relief, expressing deep levels of union across themes of biology, technology, and
Gavin Worth - Wire Sculptures 1

Gavin Worth – Wire Sculptures

Kudos for the amazing work of the artist Gavin Worth with these different wire sculptures. Currently based in San Francisco, he designed the figurative sculptures from 2 meters of wire.