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This seven rooms building is a beautiful work of architecture by Eastern Design Office. Located  in the district of Youkaichi, Japan, the unique triangular structure of iron is recalling the famous Flatiron Building in New York.

 The area where the building is located is a a residential area as well an industrial area. Also there are  many bars and restaurants around and a highway interchange nearby the town.

With a sharp triangle shape lot, this is a very unusual spot to build a house so it remained bereft of life for a long time. But the ingenious architects thought of a building that would take the shape of the triangle plot. They designed a triangular residential complex of 13 meters height with the base line 23m x height 12m x oblique line 26m. It’s a typical tenanted apartment house with seven rooms, 1-3rd two units on each floor and one on the 4th floor.  Each room is composed of a living room of 13 m2, two bed rooms with 13 m2 and 9m2, a prefabricated bathroom, a kitchen system and a toilet. They are planned to be easy to rent for town people.

The exterior wall is made out of square cut stone, concrete and glass formed like scattered cards on it. They are bound by a “cross” so that the spread out material would not disjoin.

(via  Eastern Design Office)


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