LAR   Fernando Romero - Soumaya Museum 2

LAR + Fernando Romero – Soumaya Museum

Built in order to host a collection of over 6200 objects of art – one of the most important in Latin America – Soumaya Museum is in itself a striking presence. Architect Fernando Romero, who did his apprenticeship at OMA, under Rem Koolhaas’s guidance, chose to distance himself from the “naturalized” image of the museum-box, suggesting a unique structure, non-Euclidean, which seems to be governed by its own rules.

Appearing as an amorphous mass that rises directly from the ground and turnes around its axis in an effort to rise into the sky, the museum presents itself as a gigantic abstract sculpture, which changes its form depending on the angle from which it is seen . New building structure consists of a 28-column steel sinuous lines, each with a different shape and characterized by its own geometry.  They were connected through a series of rings and diagonal beams, creating  isometric figures. The facade was made of translucent concrete and aluminum hexagonal modules, materials that look beyond contemporary and stylish, providing strength and durability.

Within the Soumaya Museum, visitors can admire an impressive selection of paintings and sculptures, illustrating art history of Europe and South America since the 14th century to the contemporary period. Remarkably, the museum holds the largest collection of sculptor’s Auguste Rodin works that can be accessed outside of France. Far from wanting the separation between work and periods of art, the interior highlights the exuberant and the heterogeneity of the collections. Thus, the interior was designed as a single exhibition space on six levels, where the passage from one area to another is done naturally, organically. Art diversity and versatility joins spaceplans, each level is another dimension appearing as ”borrowed” from the fantastic.

The museum also has six underground levels, including four for parking and two for storage and restoration of works of art and office space for employees and some public functions – classrooms, a library, restaurant. Soumaya Museum  promises to become both a landmark in the urban landscape of Mexico City, and an unique cultural destination in Latin America and the world.


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