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Studio Gang Architecture – Media Production Center, Columbia College Chicago

The first new building built in the history of Columbia College, Media Production Center offers a discourse that is at the intersection between architecture, media and academic education, emphasizing, on one hand, the importance of media in contemporary society and on the other hand, the reputation of the college as one of the most professional education institutions.

Studio Gang Architecture was chosen from 29 North American companies that were  invited to participate in the contest based on their ability to transgress the limits of a program or function, realistically assessing the costs and design, using the latest sustainable technologies - the building has received LEED Gold certification in 2010.

The new media center designed to accommodate programs like film, television and related fields such as video-game design, is placed near the other 21 buildings of Columbia College and holds a long lot located at the intersection of 16th Street and State Street.

The silhouette of the horizontal building is marked by the colored plates inspired by the stripes used in the television testing. The building was designed as a system of steel poles and prefabricated concrete walls, among them being inserted insulating material that does not leave unwanted sounds to enter the recording rooms. Soundproofing of the building is strongly supported by the roof garden, which covers two thirds of the center.

(via Archdaily, Studio Gang Architects)

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  1. Nichole

    That’s so neat and inspiring for young artists. It would be great to learn in such a place.


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