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studioMAS: Circa Gallery

The new free standing gallery annex is a functional extension of the existing gallery, located in Rosebank. The building consists of a single flexible gallery space, storage, business lounge, offices and patio roof. It is designed to display modes of art such as video installations and large scale sculptures and can host global art auctions. In addition the building may be made available as a multipurpose space for public and private functions or events that will elevate its public stature.

The building responds to the global resources debate in that will be largely self servicing. Electricity is produced on site using solar voltaic panels, harvested rain water is used for all but drinking water, and solar heated hot water will be used for space heating.

Council energy and water is connected only as a backup measure. The oval shape of the building renders the most floor space for facade and gives it its distinctive form. Various aluminum extrusions resembling reeds give the building its unique architectural character.


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  1. Pamela

    Dear Architects:
    Your Circa Gallery building is beautiful. I would like to feature it in a Humanities project term paper.My name is Pamela Wilson. I am a student at Gwinnett Technical College in Lawrenceville, Georgia USA. My professor is Bonnie Smith. Its it possible to interview the lead architect or a member of the team.
    Thank you


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