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Lumio, The Illuminated Book

A wonderful new project has been launched recently on Kickstarter. It's called Lumio and it's a book. Or a lamp. A book-lamp actually, that turns on when open and turns off when you close it. But it's not just a table lamp, it's also a wall scone, ceiling pendant,
n 2008, Montblanc released a limited-edition Charlie Chaplin skeleton pen. It featured gears and a cane for the pen clip.

Steampunk Pens, Signing Your Name In Style

Barely used anymore, pens have become stylish and luxurious writing instruments, combining innovation and design, with traditional craftsmanship, as well as reflecting the owner's status. Here's a collection of one-of-a-kind steampunk pens that will make you stand
Air Cliker Camera Concept 5

Yeon Su Kim – Air Cliker Camera Concept

Who says you need the whole camera to make a moment last forever? Designer Yeon Su Kim created this camera concept that peels off all the unnecessary elements of a digital camera, like frame, screen and so on. So what's left? A Bluetooth enabled camera lens and a
samsung galaxy flexi skin 10

Samsung Galaxy Flexi Skin Smartphone Concept

If the perfect smartphone would exist, what features would it have? Super slim, flexible screen that can be turned into anything you want (including a wrist watch), projector, camera? Seems like designers already thought about all that and they came up with this
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Wacom – Inkling

The latest product from Wacom, the Inkling tablet, takes us back in time to the old-fashioned pen on paper drawing. The Inkling is a ballpoint that transfers layered sketches to a PC or Mac via a USB connected receiver, which can then be edited with the included
Samsung Proxima 2

Johan Loekito – Samsung Proxima

Johan Loekito has found an ingenious way not to lose your phone ever again. He called it Samsung Proxima, a concept that includes a cellphone with a wristband acting like a dock.