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Mediterranean Eden – Bulgari, Fall Winter 2011-2012

Youthful, trendy, sensual and classic, these are the undeniable attributes of the new Bulgari collection, Mediterranean Eden. With classic elements of the brand like lions, rocks, coins, flowers, snakes and a pallet of rich, trendy colors like green, red, blue,
deltatemple-Daniel Donciu - Concept Art

Daniel Dociu – Concept Art

Daniel Dociu is an concept artist and video game chief art director for NCsoft North America, also working for its subsidiary ArenaNet.
MonoTracer- 1

Mono Tracer Peraves

Although it looks very much like a motorcycle, Mono Tracer Peraves is rather a car on two wheels, with one impressive and distinctive detail: the electric vehicle reaches 250km / h.
Gutfried concept poultry sausage

Coolest Packaging Designs

From elastic bands to shoes, from tea bags to shampoo, it all gotta be wrapped up in an eye candy package. Check out 60 most cool and interesting packages all around the world, student work, concepts or branded designs.
Claire-Anne O'Brien - Knited Furniture 1

Claire-Anne O’Brien – Knited Furniture

One may never know what to expect when combining furniture, clothing and knitwear.Lead by her fascination with fabric, Claire-Anne O'Brien tried it out and the result is just adorable, fun and definately comfy.
The BMW i3 Concept  12

The BMW i3 Concept

The BMW i3 Concept is a sustainable vehicle designed for urban areas, soley driven by electric power. Its purpose is to meet the demands of sustainable and emission-free mobility under the intelligent form of urban transportation and commuting.
The Smart Forvision Concept 2

The Smart Forvision Concept

Smart is releasing its green vision for the Fortwo's replacement at this year's Frankfurt motor show. It's called the Smart Forvision and it's an electric concept. It has a transparent solar-panel roof that generates power to keep the cooling fans running even when