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Barn home 3

Yukiharu Suzuki & Associates – Barn Home

This futuristic dwelling, located in Hamamatsu City, was designed by Japanese architecture firm Yukiharu Suzuki & Associates. This inspiring home design idea is perfect for living, working, or just escaping from the overwhelming complexity of this world.
alejandro de antonio

Alejandro de Antonio – Vinyl Portraits

Art Room is an innovative art project conceived by Seven Rooms, for customizing spaces with style, through an unique decorating service on demand. They put the textures in the service of art, transforming the urban essence of materials into an unusual canvas, and
Christopher Polly Architect 13

Christopher Polly Architect – Haines House

Located in the inner city Sydney suburb of Newtown, the Haines House was designed by the architects at Christopher Polly Architect and it stands out in the surrounding urban landscape, blurring the line between outdoor and indoor.
Inventionland - The Coolest Office Design in the World 2

Inventionland – The Coolest Office Design in the World

The offices of Inventionland are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. That is unless you’ve seen them before. The Pittsburgh-based company invents more than 2000 items per year, licensing out one new product every three days.
Kinzo - Adidas Office Interiors 1

Kinzo – Adidas Office Interiors

KINZO is the design company that Adidas contracted to outfit the interiors of their headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany. The furniture pieces are custom designed and the interiors simulate the form and function of the Adidas brand.
Wanderlust Hotel full view

Wanderlust Hotel – Singapore

As the name itself suggests it, Wanderlust Hotel represents that irresistible impulse or desire to travel and explore different and far away places. The Wanderlust Hotel is a style of accommodation that sits entirely in a group of its own, with its unique