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Road Map Framed2

Clay Sinclair’s “Welcome To Utopia” opening November 7 at Woolff Gallery, London

Clay Sinclair is a thinker. His unique and luminous artworks are mentally stimulating, challenging and often provocative. He offers a humorous commentary on contemporary culture, which is both cutting and compassionate. The idea of an exhibition based around the theme of ‘Utopia’ was born from Clay’s recent visit to Israel and Palestine. He returned from...
Zac Freeman, 'Justin', 79 x 61cm,      Found object assemblage (lo res)

Ffound Group Show At Woolff Gallery, London

There is an on-going trend amid artists today, where incredible pieces of art emerge from using found objects and re-purposed materials. The Woolff Gallery in London is an active promoter of this new-age art, and starting April the 19th, the gallery is hosting
orishiki (7)

Orishiki, The Ingenious Geometric Bag By Naoki Kawamoto

Orishiki is a single piece carrying device made of triangular shaped segments that can fold, unfold, and wrap up in just a few moves. The principle of Orishiki can be applied to just about any kind of carrying device, from big pieces of luggage, to accessories such
Carol Golemboski (10)

The Art Of Carol Golemboski

Carol Golemboski uses antiquated objects and black and white film to create deep and complex photographs. Her haunting still life images are inspired by past eras, overflowing with human emotions and anxiety, mostly relating to the experiences of women.
The Discus (2)

Deep Ocean Technology – The Water Discus Underwater Hotel

Designed by Polish company Deep Ocean Technology (DOT), The Water Discus hotel will be the world's largest underwater hotel, located in Dubai. Guests will get the experience of being in the very heart of the underwater world day and night.
Adi Zaffran Weisler

Bezalel Academy Of Arts And Design, Jerusalem – Bezalel On Tour

Bezalel on Tour" celebrates the 106th anniversary of Bezalel, Israel‘s oldest institute of higher education and a leading international academy of art, design and architecture. Curated by the head of the Ceramics and Glass Design Department, Muli Ben Sasson, the
Fragile, An Urban Installation 14

Roadsworth & B. Armstrong – Fragile, An Urban Installation

A plastic pond filling up a rectangular well with paper water-lilies floating, bubble wrapped salmon made from shoe boxes, cardboard trees springing up along columns and elevator shafts, with their leaves splayed out against walls and railings, all these are