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Mehmet Ozgur – Surreal Smoke Shots

Born in Europe, Mehmet Ozgur studied in Asia and currently resides in North America. He isn’t a photographer by trade. An engineer by trade, his fascination with nature both technically and aesthetically drew him to his passion. It is this passion that has
Cristina Venedict - Photography 11

Cristina Venedict – Surreal Phtography

Cristina Venedict's photography is like a gateway to the deepest corners of imagination. The collages reveal surreal worlds reflecting profoundly personal moments from the artist's past. She puts "all her heart and soul" into this photos, as she says, and we can
Nik Ainley - Shinybinary 1

Nik Ainley – Shinybinary

Nik Ainley is a self-taught british illustrator who learned how to use Photoshop while studying physics at Imperial College in London. He was so wild about the digitalization of art that he abandoned the "exact science" and dedicated himself to design. In 2004 he
Egor N Coffee Time 1

Egor N – Anti-Gravity Coffee Time

This amazing photoshoot called “Coffee time” by Egor N probably will raise a couple of questions like : what about laws of gravitation and how many cups were broken during the process? Each fantastic shoot shows us moments that we hardly notice in life. But