Wedding Photography by scribe

15 Creative Photography-Themed Logos

As we continue our logo designs series, it’s time to bring the photographer to the foreground. Not every dude with a kick-ass camera and artistic attitude gets to be called a photographer. But he gets a second chance if he comes up with a cool logo. Check out these logo design examples!

photo carrier by sbj

Tanith Oram Photography by Craig Herzberg

Siah Photography by Siah-Design

Ezra Millstein Photography by Sean Heisler

Wedding Photography by scribe

Clint Shuttlesworth Photography

ARKA Photo by logotomy

Six Shot Photography Logo by Java Acosta

Susan Ledgerwood Photography by Vanja Blajic

Pixie Photography by LoGoBoom by Sean O'Grady

omg it’s a camera by Rsek

Left of Center Photography

Juan Gestal v4b by azdesign

Logan Photography by Chad Sanderson



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