Coffee by Jan Zabransky

33 Creative Logo Designs

Nothing speaks more loudly about your company or product than the logo. But for that to happen, designers must be very  inspired when creating a beautiful and unique logo. And their hard work pays off when their creations become well known. Here we give you a collection of 33 logos that made a statement all around the world. Enjoy!

Coffee by Jan Zabransky

Spice Mountain by Thomas Bossee

Spartan golf club by Richard Fonteneau

Hillside Liquors by Colin Tierney

Writers in The Schools by Doc4Design

Lochness by Navy Blue Design

Mr. Cutts by Tabitha Kristen

Antisocial network by Mister Jones

Newcastle Food & Wine Festival by Jacob Cass

Fast Eddies Barber Shop by Richard Arthur Stewart

Basin White by Duffy & Partners

Youth Forum by Sajjad Haider Syed

Zuim by Roger Oddone

Roast by Alexander Wende

Lighthouse Architecture by Arnas Goldbergas

imag by ba:agentur

Message! In a bottle by Alen Pavlovi

Black Coffee by Dan Greeta

The Waterfront by SML

Fold It by Tkhoury

Macaronia by Umbra-Design

Bread & Breakfast by Strudel Design

Ribbons of Red by Ribbons of Red

Vlad The Impaler by Andrei Gadoiu

Oniro the bar by Chris Trivizas

Help hand by Alexey

Green Moon by Alexey

Eagle Song Studio by Gary Chew


Environmentally Friendly by Miroslav Vujovic

Happy Quote by Mabu

In the City Entertainment by Graphik-Movements

 (via Logofaves)

4 Responses to “33 Creative Logo Designs”

  1. Brenton Corbett

    May i add FedEx Tho i know its a obvious one i believe the hidden-ish arrow is very clever.


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