Janina Alleyne (3)

A fantastic exoskeleton inspired footwear collection by Janina Alleyne

These alien-like shoes are part of the ‘Exoskeleton’ Collection designed by Janina Alleyne, a talented Shoewear Design student at De Montfort University in the UK. Inspired by the exoskeletons of marine invertebrates, the shoes were 3D printed and modeled by INNER | LEAF. But these shoes are not made for walking, they’r for decorative purpose only, but I think we’re looking at the future of footwear.

Janina Alleyne (5) Janina Alleyne (4) Janina Alleyne (1)

Janina Alleyne was nominated for the Mulberry Accessory Award in 2012 and if you want to see more of her work, check-out her profile on Coroflot.

Janina Alleyne (3) Janina Alleyne (2)

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