Casalingo Business Card - Designed by Dimitra Karagianni.

Creative Business Cards

Nothing speaks more about you and your business than your very own, personalized business card. And the more unique they are, the better. Enjoy these unusual, but creative business cards from all over the world!

Electrician Business Card - Cool business card for a very busy electrician. "Πάντα στην πρίζα" means "Always in plug"

TV Consultant Business Card - This business card was designed by Lumir Kajnar. Core idea was based on tricky play with company owner’s initials: VT is mirrored as TV.

Casalingo Business Card - Designed by Dimitra Karagianni.

There is a variety of ways to get your very own business card. Either you get in touch with your artistic side, hire a professional, or create your very own business cards online, the tiny piece of plastic is the best way of putting yourself out there.

Maxiria Business Card - Design by Nebedniece.

Generation Green Visit Card - Designed by Lemongraphic for Generation Green which specialize in vermiculture (worm farming) and reuse the organic fertilizer for setting up Landscape Farming in Singapore.

Seeded Letterpress Business Card - Designed by Mike James.

Homer Liwag Business Card - The card is letterpress printed completely on French Paper. The designers used a Dur-O-Tone steel gray for the front and Construction charcoal brown.

Ann-Kathrin Koch Wedding Photography Business Card

Photojojo Business Card - Designed by Luke Anspach for Photojojo

Domestic Construction Letterpress Business Card - Designed by Cleanwash and printed on chipboard.

Paris by Night Restaurant Business Card - The business card was designed by b-type design, a multi-disciplinary design and art studio based out of Miami, concentrating on laser cutting technology, innovative visual communications and web design.

USB Memory Direct Business Card - Printed on a Business Card style USB drive, this card is not much thicker than a credit card, but has a flip out USB drive.

Dr. Hajnal Kiprov Cosmetic Surgery Business Card

Edible business card made for the Bombay Bakery in Pakistan

Fitness Trainer Business Card

Facebook Business Card - Designed by Jean-Baptiste Gouraud

Google Search Business Card

Turntable Business Card - Cool DJ business card for Global Sound

Toy Chair Business Card for Tok&Stok - Unique business card that turns into a mini-chair

Annalisa Vargiu Business Card - Business card concept for a professional nurse.

Zaha Hadid Architects Business Card

Metal Business Cards For Carpenter - An awesome business card made from 0.5 mm thick stainless steel

New Zealand All Blacks


BorrowOrRob Clothing Store

Wanderlust Map Business Card - This unique business card is a miniature replica of a map that unfolds to the standard business card.

Corey Little Business Card


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    Full color cards, or cards that use many colors, are printed on sheetfed presses as well; however, they use the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) four-color printing process. Screens of each color overprinted on one another create a wide gamut of color. The downside to this printing method is that screened colors if examined closely will reveal tiny dots, whereas spot color cards are printed solid in most cases. Spot colors should be used for simple cards with line art or non-black type that is smaller than 5 points.,

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