Mayrah Wine, Taltarni Vineyards

Creative Wine Label Designs

Besides giving a prior idea about the content of the liquor (like percentage of alcohol, the process of manufacturing, ingredients, flavor), the wine label has to catch the eye of the costumer. Even a non-wine expert can be allured by the Bacchic nectar if it’s presented with the right label. So here we give you a few examples of the most creative wine label designs around the world. Because with wine is not about the package, it’s all about the label!

Mayrah Wine, Taltarni Vineyards

Designed by Marco Campedelli for Genio del Pago

Currus Wine Cellar, located in the village of Kocs (Hungary)



Wine tag design by Timur Salikhov 2012


Bizarre wines are hot new project created by the Labelmaker for Kale Winery. The Bizarre logo is hand made calligraphy by type studio The Fontmaker.

"Vi Novell 2011" wine. On the label, there are is a sanctified pig, on the day of its sacrifice.

Grappa MonVì, Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio

Kerepesi Family Wine

Design Studio 13, “Domestic wine”

Speakeasy Wines Inspired by Prohibition and the 1930s. Each label turns to reveal 4 different panels: the speakeasy door, the host, the winery and the vintage.

Villa Bucher Chardonnay

Casa Mariol wine collection

Cottaboi Cantina Brufani

(via Behance NETWORK)

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