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Scrap Cardboard Lamps by Graypants

Seattle based conceptual design studio, Graypants, created these incredible pendant lamps that are  laser-cut from repurposed cardboard boxes and hand assembled. Founded in 2008 in Seattle, the company creates all sorts of products, architecture and other fun things, operating teams in Seattle as well as in Amsterdam.

Prices range from $129 to $1399, as well as the sizes, from 8″ to 36″. Each piece is made to ordered and, because they are handcrafted, can slightly vary in shape and size. International shipping is available and you can shop for these awesome lampshades online.

(All products available at Graypants)

2 Responses to “Scrap Cardboard Lamps by Graypants”

  1. Andrea

    These are a tired design. Would like to see something new by Graypants but this mag be all they have in them. By the way kind of thought these were by Frank Henry in his early work. I saw some at a vintage shop recently. They were pretty much copies of his. Why do we celebrate designers without researching? Andrea

  2. Vlad Olaru

    Thank you for your comment. We try to promote original artists but we can’t always find their sources (if there are any). We will take your opinion under consideration and please keep sending your thoughts and clues about our posts. 


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