deltatemple-Daniel Donciu - Concept Art

Daniel Dociu – Concept Art

Daniel Dociu is an concept artist and video game chief art director for NCsoft North America, also working for its subsidiary ArenaNet.

Born in Cluj, Romania, Daniel Donciu obtained his master’s degree in industrial design at the Fine Arts Academy in Cluj in 1982. He was an assistant professor at the Academy and later worked as a graphic designer in Athens, Greece, a product designer and a freelance artist. He moved to the United States in 1990. From 1992 to 2003, Dociu did work for various video game developers including Square, Electronic Arts, and Zipper Interactive. His face was also used for reference for the character Father Grigori in the critically acclaimed video game Half-Life 2.

After working as a toy designer for two years, Dociu wisely jumped ship to interactive entertainment.

“I’ve been working as an Art Director in the games industry ever since,” says Dociu, “for companies like Squaresoft, Electronic Arts (twice!), and Zipper Interactive. I have done consulting for Microsoft and freelance work forWizards of the Coast, Digital Anvil as well as a fair share of small developers who have come and gone.”

For the past five years, Daniel Dociu has been with ArenaNet, a fully owned subsidiary of NCSoft, in an art director and lead concept artist role. More recently he’s stepped into the Chief Art Director role for NCsoft, overseeing visual development for all of NCsoft’s North American projects, with particular focus on ArenaNet’sGuild Wars 2. (via InsideYouArt)

 (All pictures via Daniel Dociu)

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