Memorina – Or How To Make A Computer Game Feel Hand-Made

Memorina is a classical game of matching cards, but it comes with an unexpected twist: the characters, the objects, the scenes, are completely hand-made, using oil, watercolor, pencil, charcoal, pastel, and threads. Even the animation was done by unconventional methods, like the spinning flowers, for example, were made by filming steadily rotating 60-cm-wide paper models and looping one clockwise turn afterwards. In fact, the only computer animation you’ll see in Memorina is a flip of a card.


in one of earlier demo builds, girl’s orange hair were animate by cutting it into several paper strips and turning the fan on.


Memorina is a game largely inspired by Carroll’s masterpiece. Its world is populated with strange and surreal creatures such as this one.


The gameplay is varied, with six new game modes which you can combine in any way you wish to make things more interesting and innovative, – and an option of online play via GameCenter. So this is really an engaging game for everyone, not just for the kids.


this is how the game process actually looks like on iPad.


one of the images for the food pack – oil on 2,5 sqm canvas.


Memorina loves its cats!

Memorina is a paid iOS game priced at $0.99 and released on 27th of December almost completely worldwide, except for Russia and Asia (for these regions, the game will be localized). It was developed by Chainbit, an IT-company located in Moscow, Russia. The company is specialized in  web-projects and corporate solutions, Memorina being more like a side-project for the team.

Find more info about the game on its website, www.memorinagame.com


Promo shots with card elements from miscellaneous packs were taken on fitting locations. Each of them features one of game creators.


Just like many other scenes, title screen was assembled by hand.

And last, but not least, here is the link to the game in AppStore - https://itunes.apple.com/app/id670945471, along with some promo codes left for initial release. You can redeem these tokens by accessing the following links:


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