The d’Álbe stool, with its organic shape, is inspired by the anchoring tripods found in the harbor.

Staffan Holm – A View From The North

Staffan Holm is a perfect example of that well known scandinavian style, that fascinates through refinement and simplicity. Born in 1977, the Swedish designer juggles with interior architecture, industrial design and furniture design, combining “the poetry of crafts” with “the wonders of new technology”.

The d’Álbe stool, with its organic shape, is inspired by the anchoring tripods found in the harbor

Produced by Swedese, the Spin Stool was released in 2011, and starting this year the barstool version is also available, with five new colors and upholstered

The Visp hanger is a collaboration with south Swedish producer Blå Station. The beauty of Visp is that the simple line that becomes a intriguing spiral that bends around creates a sculpture that will brighten any room without taking over completely.

 For me, really great design have never been all about the practical functions, but more about the emotional ones, more about commitment and attachment. Art or design? Well, does it really matter? All I know is that mass produced artifacts seldom really get the chance to root in our lives before new ones take their place. We need get attached and fall in love, head over heels. I work with some of the best craftsmen in Sweden to meet the demands of my mission. My mission is to create design with more of the human qualities, that is: god, evil, emotion, humor, and a sense of a life of its own. (Staffan Holm)

CEO – The Director’s writing desk, a fun and unconventional desk, made up with solid beech, MDF and painted with Steinway finished enamel paint.

Pepper mills inspired by the French expression for a romantic meeting, Tete á tete

The Newton sofa table is one of the most awarded pieces of design by Staffan Holm. In 2009, it won The Nordic Design Prize and in 2010, the Swedish EDIDA furniture of the year award. The table is a collaboration with designer Dan Sunaga

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