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Clay Sinclair’s “Welcome To Utopia” opening November 7 at Woolff Gallery, London

Clay Sinclair is a thinker. His unique and luminous artworks are mentally stimulating, challenging and often provocative. He offers a humorous commentary on contemporary culture, which is both cutting and compassionate.

The idea of an exhibition based around the theme of ‘Utopia’ was born from Clay’s recent visit to Israel and Palestine. He returned from this trip re-invigorated and motivated to create artworks that could make a difference, however small it may be. Clay was inspired by the many he met, whether they were activists, artists, shop-keepers or children.

Road Map Framed2

A question that arose from Clay’s trip was: “Does everybody have the same vision for a better world?”

In order to try and answer this question, Clay created a ‘Utopia is…’ blackboard which could be used as an interactive public art work. He presented this board at a number of UK festivals throughout the Summer of 2014, and the festival goers enthusiastically contributed to his first ‘Utopia is…’ wall. A similar ‘wall’ will be in place during this solo exhibition. Clay hopes that in 2015 a Utopia Wall will appear in the Holy Land where the original idea was born. He hopes that it will be a wall that unifies rather than divides.

Clay’s unique creative process of ‘painting backwards’ on the plexiglass or perspex should also be noted, and he often borders his contemporary paintings with ornate frames creating a playful combination of the traditional and the new.

Clay Sinclair’s solo exhibition is split into 2 sections, on the upper floor of the gallery we will be displaying his ‘Welcome to Utopia’ artworks and on the lower floor we will present a wider selection of his artwork.

This exhibition promises to be challenging, thought provoking, entertaining, and inspiring. We are very proud to be able to present Clay Sinclair’s latest works to you.

Exhibition dates: 7th November to 18th December 2014

Private view: Thursday 6th Nov 6-9pm

For more info or hi-res images please contact:

Nick Woolff: [email protected]

Susila Bailey-Bond: [email protected]

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 10.30 – 6pm & Sat 11 – 5pm

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