Dan Perjovschi S.A. * @ Centre for Visual Introspection, Romania

Dan Perjovschi S.A. * constitutes a first chapter of a series of exhibitions-concept, generically grouped under the title 1990-2010, whose source of investigation is the art scene condition in Romania and the manner in which the art scene has (re) presented itself and is still (re) presenting itself in this interval.

1990-2010 detaches from the totalizing perspective of the exhibition group, choosing instead the specificity of some individual projects, articulated around stories, experiences, documents, which are translating sequentially how the new construction of the Romanian political and social sphere has altered/ alters, stil,l the field of local artistic, institutional and theoretical practices.

The projects proposed by the actors / players of RO art scene, artists from different generations, highlight the lines of continuity and discontinuity of a local cultural behavior, identify the structures of resistance and formulate counter-histories to those currently in circulation.

The goal of the project is not to historicize, but to re-examine, in an open and constructive manner, the path and principles around which art scene agglutinates, opening new opportunities to get involve and to position ourselves, to filter the priorities, the urgencies and the necessities.

During April, the space of CIV will be transformed by Dan Perjovschi in a school board. The structure of visual edit of the documents and the drawings in chalk reflects a process of data transcription, theories exposure, providing the audience with a radiograph of the Romanian art scene dynamics .

The project Dan Perjovschi S.A.* is accompanied by a supplement 22, distributed with the support of 22 magazine and financed by Henkel.

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