The Opposite of Intention

Andrew Salgado – Paintings

Andrew Salgado’s paintings depict the correlation between masculinity and the medium, exploring the manner in which they abort their literal figurative foundation and commence a vibrant dialog with the viewer through “color, reduction of forms, and triumph of substance as imbued with meaning and metaphor, overt, and suggestive.”

The Opposite of Intention

A Warming Beyond

His work reduces the literalness, revealing  a process of discovery through its own language of painting and representation.

Trust (Self-Portrait I)

The Silence Consumes Every Move

Andrew Salgado was born in 1982, in Canada, and holds an MFA from London’s Chelsea College of Art (2009) and a BFA from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada (2005). He has exhibited in London, Berlin, Oslo, Sydney, Vancouver, Toronto, Merida (Venezuela), Niamey (Niger), Chiang Mai (Thailand), and Busan (Korea).

4 Day Riot

The Aftermath

The Ecstasy of Saint Matthew

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  1. william k

    Come on man. I like her too but I’ll at least give her credit when I mimic her work. Jenny Saville.


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