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Brendan Monroe – Escape Into Life

Since graduating from the Art Center in Pasadena, Brendan Monroe has been painting, drawing, and sculpting an imaginary world that is inhabited by blobbish, oozy, paint-chip, trash-laden life-forms interspersed with human figures.

His works highlight the need of understanding smaller environments in order to understand and connect with the great world around us. And he  literally takes this idea, as he goes on a microscopic level, depicting forms that take on the shapes of bacteria and viruses.

Monroe’s free flowing brush strokes and muted color palette lends itself to greater exploration as the work simultaneously calms and invites.

The muted color palette and the free flowing brush strokes, along with the solar colors he uses, calms and invites the viewer as he embarks in a journey of exploration.

“My fascination is with a smaller world. Maybe it could tell us [all] about something deep inside ourselves, or, maybe it just helps me work things out within my own self.”

(All images via Brendan Monroe

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