Parra, Untitled (SFMOMA installation preview), 2011

Parra – Weirded Out at SFMOMA

Starting March 31, Dutch graphic artist Parra will have his first exhibition in an U.S. Museum, taking over SFMOMA‘s second-floor landing with an impressive mural that showcases his post-Pop design style.

Not very handy - 2009

Talk to the hand - 2009

With his unmistakable style, Parra is renowned for his eccentric and curvaceous lines, highly saturated colors, vibrant free-form typography, and cartoon-like hybridized characters. His eclectic style can be also found in drawing, painting, animation and sculptures. Parra is cofounder of cult apparel label Rockwell Clothing and a member of electronic music group Le Le.

Parra, Untitled (SFMOMA installation preview), 2011

Very Nice How Much - 2010

(All images via Parra)

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