Jung Yeon Min 13

Jung Yeon Min – Psychedelic Art

Jung Yeon Min is a Korean artist, born in 1979, in Kwangju, South Korea. In her surrealist works, the artist breaks the boundaries of imagination, transporting the viewer into the world of extraordinary, where the macro and micro coexist and rules of physical space and time are manipulated.

The main characteristic of my works is a kind of duality which finds many ways to express itself: abstract versusrealism, ubiquity, diachronicity, microscopic and macroscopic, and so on. I’m always trying to engage in extreme or contrary dialogue. In abstract compositions, some hyperrealistic figures will make you try to find some kind of space, but you will keep wondering if you really have to see it that way, because something flat will try to empeach you. Somehow, you will feel like you are hanging between two worlds.

(All images via Kashya Hilderbrand Gallery)


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