regan rosburg - le jardin

Nature Inspired Multimedia Artworks By Regan Rosburg

As plastic junk becomes an increasingly important part of the natural landscape, Denver based artist Regan Rosburg draws awareness to this nature debilitating process with her mixed-media artworks. Using found objects like plastic bags, metal, and other construction debris, combined with traditional painting methods, Regan creates these whimsical three-dimensional paintings.

regan rosburg - the nursery

The nursery

regan rosburg - the refuge

The refuge

regan rosburg - the interlocutor

The interlocutor


Besides recycled objects, her works also feature more organic materials such as bones, feathers, and insects.

regan rosburg - the ballet

The ballet

regan rosburg - le jardin

Le jardin

regan rosburg - inamorata


regan rosburg - the harbinger

The harbinger


Her solo show entitled “Maelstrom” at David B. Smith Gallery in Denver, is on display untill July 20 and features Regan’s mixed-media and painted compositions.

regan rosburg - the invisible audience

The invisible audience

regan rosburg - HER PRIVATE DOWNPOUR

Her private downpour


regan rosburg - CATHARSIS


regan rosburg - SCARLETTES BEDROOM

Scarlettles bedroom

(via Regan Rosburg)

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