Paul Cadden 11

Paul Cadden – Hyper-realist Graphite And Chalk Drawings

Paul Cadden is a Scottish hyper-realist artist who creates incredibly realistic artworks using only graphite and chalk. His drawings and paintings are made based upon  series of photographs or video stills, but the subject depicted is much more complex, creating “the illusion of a new reality not seen in the original photo”.

You’ve probably seen a lot of realistic drawings in the past around here, like Sung Jin Kim’s lips paintings, Marta Penter’s artistic legs work, Sarah Harvey’s water paintings, or (a personal favorite of mine) Paul Lung’s cat drawings, but these pieces give a new meaning to hyper-realism in drawing. These are made with only graphite and chalk and go deep down to the finest of details, like the many wrinkles on an old woman’s face, water dripping from someone’s face, smoke from a lit cigar or piles of garbage.

(Images via Deviant Art)

6 Responses to “Paul Cadden – Hyper-realist Graphite And Chalk Drawings”

  1. Kyla Marie

    These are so beautiful and amazing. I can’t believe that they are drawings!

  2. Jeferson Jml

    pre mim o melhor da arte moderna, quer dizer, dos tempos de hoje


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